Targeted Phonics


Targeted Phonics是一套以阅读为主线的自然拼读读物,全套共有5个系列,96,适合母语英语国家幼儿园到小学2年级学生,教学配套非常齐全,可以作为培训学校和国际幼儿园课堂使用,亦可以家庭作为练习和巩固自然拼读的亲子读物来使用。

出版社:美国Teacher Created Materials Publishing






  • 培训学校/国际学校使用,自然拼读配套读物。
  • 幼儿亲子阅读使用,巩固孩子自然拼读阅读技巧。







  • Books: 读物,可以供课堂上学生做Shared reading 

  • Student Guided Practice Book:配套练习


  • Teacher’s Guide:教师用书(含一张CD


  • Assessment Guide:测试指南


  • Digital resources:音频、测试包、可复印的练习题、互动电子书


  • Home-School Connection:家校互动练习






My First Consonants and Vowels More Consonants, Blends, and Digraphs
My B Words

My C Words

My D Words

My F Words

My G Words

My H Words

My J Words

My K Words

My L Words

My M Words

My N Words

My P Words

My R Words

My S Words

My T Words

My W Words

My Short A Words

My Short E Words

My Short I Words

My Short O Words

My Short U Words

My Q Words

My V Words

My X Words

My Y Words

My Z Words

My Bl Words

My Br Words

My Cl Words

My Cr Words

My Fl Words

My Fr Words

My Gr Words

My Pl Words

My Sl Words

My Sn Words

My Sp Words

My St Words

My Ch Words

My Sh Words

My Th Words

My Wh Words

Short Vowel Rimes Short Vowel Storybooks  Long Vowel Storybooks

The Man Can

A Nap

A Cat and a Hat

Big Pig

I Win!

The Tip

Hit It!

Mop Hop


Ten Hens

Wet Pet

Hug a Bug

We Like Nuts

What Can You Do?

What Do You Have?

What Can You Get?

Where Is It?

Dad Wants a Nap

What Can San Do?

Pack a Bag!

How Big Is Kip?

Kip Wins!

Kip Gets Fit

A Big Job

Top That!

A Box for Ross

Get to Bed, Ren!

On a Walk with Ren

Ren in a Mess

Gus in the Tub

Read with Gus

What Luck!

Kip Gets Sick

Fix It!

You Can Do It!

Late Kate

Kate and Gail

Big Day for Kate

Twice as Nice

Spy It!

Mike Makes Up His Mind

Rose and Dad

Rose and Bose

On the Road with Rose and Bose

Pete Has Fast Feet

Green Peas in Cream

What Can I Read?

To the Dunes with Luce

Luce and Duke

On My Stoop

Main Street Parade

Main Street Game Day

Main Street Block Party


TCM-Targeted Phonics-My First Consonants and Vowels-样章


TCM-Targeted Phonics-More Consonants, Blends and Digraphs-样章


TCM-Targeted Phonics-Short Vowel Rimes-样章


TCM-Targeted Phonics-Short Vowel Storybooks-样章


TCM-Targeted Phonics-Long Vowel Storybooks-样章


My First Consonants and Vowels-mybwords3_activity-练习


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