The Gift of Playful Learning

Foster a love of learning through intentional play offerings that consider all aspects of the curriculum and yield academic success. Using instructional methods that honor play, educators can create pathways that are responsive to learners. Focusing on building on their strengths, meeting their needs, and nurturing the growth they require to be successful academically.

This practical resource:

✓ Shows how a play-centric approach can provide differentiated learning opportunities

✓ Offers a wealth of examples with pictures and detailed explanations

✓ Explores the power of using culturally relevant and responsive resources, open-ended materials, and play in early childhood classrooms

✓ Includes how-to examples, planning questions, access to digital resources, and more tools to support teachers.

Educational experts Kenisha Bynoe and Angelique Thompson wrote this comprehensive guide to developing play-based learning experiences as entry points for curriculum content. Engage children in purposeful playful learning that is designed to provoke thought, curiosity, and wonder with the help of this essential book.