Rise Readers

Rise Readers是瑞思国际为全球的瑞思学校专门开发的一套绘本,供幼儿园到小学低段学生使用。目前全套共有6个级别,共78 本绘本,每一本还另外配有一本练习册。


Kindergarten My Family
Kindergarten Dan and Cam
Kindergarten A Dog for Bob
Kindergarten Dan the Dog
Kindergarten Who Lives in the Hut?
Kindergarten The Yard Sale
Kindergarten Dad Likes to Cook
Kindergarten Six Hens Can Hop
Kindergarten Kit’s Doll
Kindergarten Hope’s Map
Kindergarten In the Forest
Kindergarten May and the Dime
PRE RISE Kit and the Big Win
PRE RISE Can Lin Fit the Lid?
PRE RISE Pets for All
PRE RISE Dog and the Mess
PRE RISE Dan Gets a Cab
PRE RISE In the Well
PRE RISE Dan Has a Hen
PRE RISE Fix the Car!
PRE RISE Quit It, Bug!
PRE RISE Get a Nut!
Stage 1 Rick and a Duck
Stage 1 Kim Jumped
Stage 1 Rob and the Tack
Stage 1 Todd and Tad
Stage 1 Jack Can Help
Stage 1 Seth and the Hens
Stage 1 Bud’s Tooth
Stage 1 A Trip to the Moon
Stage 1 What Lives in the Water?
Stage 1 The Ball, the Bat, and the Mitt
Stage 1 Sam and Nan
Stage 1 A House for Us
Stage 1 The Hill
Stage 1 The Big Game
Stage 1 Best Friends
Stage 1 Bug and Slug
Stage 1 The Picnic
Stage 1 A Hole in One
Stage 1 Flip and Tip’s Ship
Stage 1 A Bike Crash
Stage 1 The Dog in the Pond
Stage 1 The Voice in the Well
Stage 1 Cody Has a Party
Stage 1 A Day in the City
Stage 2 Pancakes
Stage 2 A Visit with Grandma
Stage 2 A Story for Beaver
Stage 2 Bertha Looks for Gold
Stage 2 Happy Halloween
Stage 2 Little Cub Hunts a Duck
Stage 2 Cutting the Cake
Stage 2 Grandma’s Garden
Stage 2 Mail a Parcel
Stage 2 Jeff’s Maps
Stage 3 We All Fall Down
Stage 3 A Walk Around the Zoo
Stage 3 The Ladybug’s House
Stage 3 Minnie’s Toy Box
Stage 3 A Family Vacation
Stage 3 Fox Crazy
Stage 3 Li Ji, the Snake Slayer
Stage 3 Wipe Out
Stage 3 Summer at the Farm
Stage 3 Mike’s Cakes
Stage 4 Sound Waves
Stage 4 Light and Heat
Stage 4 The Oceans
Stage 4 Animal Heredity and Reproduction
Stage 4 Designing for Sound
Stage 5 Forms of Energy
Stage 5 Plant and Animal Life Cycles
Stage 5 Animal Adaptations
Stage 5 Hearing and Measuring Sound
Stage 5 Energy Transfer in Plants and Animals


The Rise Readers workbooks are designed to support English language learners as they explore the Rise Readers storybooks. The purpose of these workbooks is to ensure that students thoroughly comprehend all aspects of each story. Through the use of a variety of activities, students are exposed to important vocabulary words, sentences, and questions pertaining to each story. These workbooks provide students with many opportunities to express their own ideas and feelings about each story and its topic.

Vocabulary: This section of the workbook should be completed prior to reading the story. In these two activities, students will be introduced to key words from the story. This provides an opportunity for students to discuss each term and its meaning so that when they come across the word in the story, they will recognize and understand it.

Pre-Reading: In this section, students are asked to look at a picture and answer a few questions about the story prior to reading the story. Through writing and speaking, students share their opinions and make predictions about the story. This activity should be completed individually prior to reading the story. After students have written their answers, they may discuss them in pairs, groups, or as a class.

During Reading: This section of the workbook should be completed with the storybook, one page at a time. Each activity contains the picture from the story, along with a few questions about the picture, story, and topic of the story. Students can write their own responses and then discuss them.

Reading Comprehension: This section contains three activities that are designed to check students’ comprehension of the story; therefore, students should complete them on their own. In the rst activity, students complete a sentence related to each picture from the story. The second activity varies from story to story, depending on the structure of the story (cause and effect, problem and solution, series of events, etc.). The last activity requires the students to match a sentence from the story to the correct picture.

Expansion: This section allows students to expand on the topic covered in the story. Students can brainstorm their ideas and then write a response to the question. Then they will draw a picture that illustrates their response.

Vocabulary Review: In this section, key terms from the story are reviewed in activities that focus on alphabetical order and phonics.

Word Trace: The purpose of this section is to help improve students’ word recognition, spelling, and handwriting. By tracing the words, students will learn how the letters should appear on the lines and how to properly form each letter.

Sentence Trace: This section of the workbook also focuses on handwriting skills. Students will read, trace, and write sentences from the story. Students can also practice reading the sentences aloud to help with their pronunciation and reading uency.

Game: The game in each workbook varies from story to story. This activity provides students a fun opportunity to recognize, practice, and review the vocabulary learned in the story.

Book Report: This section provides students with an opportunity to share their favorite parts of the story. There is a space for them to draw their favorite scene from the story, and another space where they can write their favorite sentence from the story.

Picture Cards: In this section, eight words from the vocabulary section appear in alphabetical order as picture cards that can be cut out and used in various types of games or as study materials to be used at home. In class, students can pair up and use the picture cards as ash cards to quiz each other. They can also be used in a matching game, such as “Memory” or “Concentration.”